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Post Hole Borer

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A 36.3 cc one-man earth auger from STIHL.

Benefiting from STIHL’s QuickStop drill brake, the BT 131 is a great machine to work with.

Powerful yet efficient performance

This machine uses a 1.4 kW 4-MIX engine, combining the advantages of a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine, running on a fuel-oil mix. It is an economical, smooth, responsive and powerful unit, which produces less emissions and doesn’t need oil servicing. It also has a long-life air filter system, which, together with the compensator integrated into the carburettor, offers long cleaning intervals and reliable protection of the engine.

Comfortable operation for tough tasks

Crucially important for a heavy duty machine such as this is the vibration-dampening frame, which uses four vibration elements to give comfortable working and minimise fatigue while operating. The engine is separated from the handle frame, giving easier operation over longer periods. Also provided is large hip padding, which makes the auger safe and easy to work with.

Easy to use for stress-free working

This model includes STIHL’s QuickStop drill brake system, which involves a release lever that stops the drill as soon as it becomes stuck in the ground. As well as preventing damage, this also serves as a reverse rotation lock, allowing you to easily unscrew a stuck bit. The BT 131 is operated using a multi-function handle that contains all operating elements for the engine control so that the drill can be operated by finger pressure, with your hand always remaining in the operating position.

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