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Tool Hire Swansea

At Miles Hire we are specialist suppliers of tool hire and plant equipment for hire, partnering with different companies, effectively playing a pivotal role in completing projects at affordable rates. Visit our Swansea branch for these and many more professional and accredited services.

Our large and independent fleet of equipment gives you the opportunity to experience the any benefits that can accrue to you by making a choice to book our services for your next job. You don’t have to worry about value depreciation of tools and equipment. These come with other underlying costs like repairs and storage that can drain your finances. We strive to give you industry standard services with our service packages covering all the mentioned costs for the whole time.

Our nationwide coverage guarantees you quality tools and equipment, this offers you a variety of quality machinery at affordable prices. Furthermore, we understand that maintaining these plants and tools is not cheap and it consumes a lot of your time, which you would have otherwise spend on other productive endeavours. We will cater for all the maintenance needs so that you only focus on your work.

Visit our Swansea branch and see the wide selection of machinery you have at your disposal to choose from, all designed to suit different job specifications. We provide one-stop solutions with a committed customer care team that works to ensure that you get value for your money: because cost-effectiveness is the greatest advantage accrued to you by choosing to hire with us. Making the choice to hire tools and equipment will save you a lot of money because buying tools every time you need them for different jobs could seriously hurt your cash flows.

Our DIY tips on hiring tools and equipment

We know
the business of sourcing for the most appropriate tools to complete your job
could prove to be a challenge sometimes. Our team of professionals have assembled
some key pointers to keep in mind while selecting the tools and equipment you
need for your job:

  • Be sure to consider the age of the equipment because old machinery have higher chances of experiencing mechanical failures and you don’t want such occurrences in your hands. At Miles Hire, we strive to provide you with the most recent equipment that come fully serviced to offer you efficient performance. Furthermore, we ensure that we provide adequate insurance coverage so that you don’t have to.
  • Take note of the customer support by considering things like how your tools and equipment will be delivered at your workstation. Ensure that you get a hiring company that provides service support like routine maintenance and service. Miles Hire prides itself with excellent customer support because we go out of our way to ensure that you get the support you need when you need it.
  • Find out how available the equipment and tools are. It is important that you make prior efforts to find out the availability of the machinery or tools you require. Always contact us and we will schedule the machinery you require at affordable rates. We have more than enough equipment, all specialised to meet your every construction or industrial needs.
  • Last but not least inquire on the delivery time because it is only prudent that you find out exactly when the equipment will be dispatched and the expected delivery time. At Miles Hire, we strive to make sure we deliver as soon as possible.

We provide expert solutions in the selection of various tools and equipment, depending on your job. We have enough stock to suit your every need ranging from small to medium and large capacities to your satisfaction. If you have any upcoming projects reach us today and let us deliver to your work station.

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