DC AirCube 500

 £40.00 - £60.00 (Per Day / Week)

The DC AirCube 500 has been developed for ease of use and high durability.

It is built from stainless steel sheet metal to be extra damage resistant.

The fan unit is a radial blower with a specially designed scroll to build up high pressure across its complete flow range.

This means that the unit generates large amounts of airflow during the entire lifetime of the filter.

Equipped with an el outlet for lamp and other. An exhaust hose can be used to create negative pressure in a sealed room.

The fan has two speed settings that allows for economical operation, for example during the night.

Day based pricing : DC AirCube 500
1 - 1 days : £40.00 Fixed
1 - 2 days : £50.00 Fixed
2 - 3 days : £60.00 Fixed
3 - 7 days : £60.00 Fixed
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