plasterboard lift Levpano panel
- Max Load: 75Kg. Fully CE Marked and compliant with European Directive 98/37/CE

Plasterboard Lifter The lifting device that allows you to fix plasterboard panels on ceilings: Horizontally under ceilings and at angles under pitched ceilings.

Plasterboard panel held safe and secure by the telescopic arms. Adjustable head and arms for fixing plasterboard panels under pitches.

Quick assembly and dismantling. Max Horizontal Panel Fixing Height: 3.5 Metres or 4 Metres with 0.5 Metre extension. Max opening between the 2 extendible arms: 3.06 Metres Patented safety system with 2 cables, one driving cable, one anti-fall safety cable.

  • 1 Day: £26.00 + VAT
  • 2 Days: £33.00 + VAT
  • Week: £39.00 + VAT

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