LED Uplight complete with 110V Splitter Unit

This Uplight model combines all of the features of a light plus the space saving solution
of a 4 way splitter base.

This practical solution has proven incredibly popular as it is less
equipment to carry on site and gives you the flexibility to link multiple lights quickly to a
single transformer.

Features and Benefits

  • -Base is made of a 4 way splitter box unit,
  • providing real power versatility
  • - Base and Uplight easily detatch for ease of
  • handling and storage
  • - 180° light spread can be increased to 360°
  • if reflector is removed
  • - Splitter base can be used independently
  • for optimised fleet utilisation.
  • - Supplied with 3m of rubber
  • cable and 16A plug
  • 1 Day: £20.00 + VAT
  • 2 Days: £25.00 + VAT
  • Week: £32.00 + VAT

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