Heras heavy duty Fencing Panel incl. 1 foot and 1 clip

Heavy Duty Round Top Temporary Fencing Panel

Offering strength and stability, these Heavy Duty Temporary Fencing Panels are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel. Completely reusable, these Heavy Duty Panels can be used in a number of locations, such as construction sites and outdoor locations.

Due to the galvanised steel finish, these panels are resilient to rust, making them long lasting. At the height of 2000mm and length of 3450mm, these panel provide a sturdy system to act as a site perimeter or to partition off restricted areas.

To securely connect the panels, you should use Couplers or Anti-Tamper Couplers and Standard or High Visibility Temporary Fencing Feet to provide a stable base.

  • 1 Day: £1.50 + VAT
  • 2 Days: £1.50 + VAT
  • Week: £1.50 + VAT

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