Feet for Temporary Fencing

Fencing Feet are an essential requirement for any Temporary Security Fencing system as they will provide the fencing with stable base.

Weighing 18kg and made from durable plastic, Temporary Fencing Feet are heavy bases and are extremely durable.

It is important that Temporary Fencing has a strong, stable base, as although your system will only be installed for a short period of time, the fencing will still need to withstand high winds and possible tampering. Stabilising Pins and Stabilising Support Bars can also be used to increase safety and stability.

Temporary Fencing Feet contain six holes for the legs of Temporary Fencing Panels to be fitted.

The Feet also have two larger holes which allow the legs of standard Temporary Fencing Vehicle Gates to be fitted.

  • 1 Day: £1 + VAT
  • 2 Days: £1 + VAT
  • Week: £1 + VAT

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