Acrow props Size 1
- Info Detail Closed Length 1.75m Open Length 3.12m Weight 16.34kg Specification BS4074 1982 Steel Finish Painted Green

Size 1 Acrow Prop, 1.75m - 3.12m

Our new steel acrow props are used in the construction industry for temporary support of ceilings, walls, trenches and for formwork. It will extend between 1.75m (closed) and 3.12m (fully extended). These props have a painted green finish.

The base plates measure 150 x 150 x 6mm.

We also supply Prop Mates.Acrow props are also available in size 0, size 2, size 3 and size 4. We also stock Mortar Raking Blades for use with our Prop Mates. A full range of u-heads is also available in fixed 4", 6" or 8" or adjustable 4", 6" or 8".

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