Submersible Pump

Ponstar PB-55011 2″ Contractor Pump 110V

Compact light and easy to handle
2″ hosetail outlet for convenient use
Flow rate of up to 290 litres per minute
Maximum pump height 10 metres
Twin mechanical seal

Cast iron impeller for long durable life
Designed to allow pumping of sandy water
Available in automatic to limit risk of dry running


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Puddle Pumps

The LSC1.4S Puddle sucker flood pump is able to pump water down to 1mm, which makes it suitable for pumping large or small areas of nuisance water found on flat surfaces. It incorporates a dual position outlet port, to enable the user to position the outlet hose horizontally or vertically and avoid it kinking.

For durability, during robust handling, puddle sucker flood pump has a pressed steel outer casing and a cast aluminium pump stand, to offer increased protection of the steel and rubber base plate. A combination of a rubber pump chamber and a urethane vortex impeller enables the design to offer excellent wear resistance in site water applications that contain sand and silt in suspension, thus maintaining performance and reliability. An additional feature is an integral swing check valve to prevent back flow of water from the discharge hose. Quality is further enhanced with a 403 stainless steel shaft that is fitted with an ultra hardwearing double mechanical seal (inboard: silicon carbide-silicon carbide) – which runs in an oil chamber that has an oil lifter to maintain seal lubrication during operation in any position.

This feature, combined with the water and air cooling route to the top outlet, allows the pump to operate for extended periods with little or no water. Used widely by hire outlets, utilities and flood control companies. Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable.


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HILTI DD250 Core Drilling Rig


Air-cooled, heavy-duty drive unit with four-speed gearing and convenient controls
Optional BL quick-release connection lets you change core bits in seconds – no tools required (keyless system)
Hole-starting function for large-sized core bits
Real-time information display – digital spirit level, gear selector, power control function, trip counter, running time counter and easily understood service messages
Designed for versatility – suitable for an extremely wide range of applications


Penetrations for ducts, pipes and cables
Openings for ventilation
Stitch drilling for breaches
Coring holes for service entries
Coring holes in ceilings, walls and floors without hammering and vibration

Diameter range 12 – 450 mm
Base material Concrete
Operation mode Rig-based drilling system
Number of gears 4
Weight according to EPTA Procedure 01/2003 15.3 kg
Weight of complete system 37 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 630 x 190 x 215 mm
A-weighted emission sound pressure level 93 dB (A) 1
Tri. vibr. value for drilling into concrete (wet) with diamond core bit A (ah,DD) 2.5 m/s²


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Table Tile Saw – Electric

Tile saws ideal for interior tiling. The tables tilt to allow 45 cuts.
The heavy-duty build quality ensures these machines are ideal for rental and professional users.

High power heavy duty induction motor.
Tilting table for bevel cutting.
Sliding mitre tool for cutting tiles corner to corner.
Side fence for making identical repeat cuts.

Max. Depth of Cut = 35mm
Width = 583mm
Height = 305mm
Length = 565mm
Weight = 27kg
Tank Capacity = 2ltr
Motor Power = 1200w
Blade Size = 230mm

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The UMK 425 UE gives you flexibility and total control.

Featuring the industry first ultra-efficient GX25 engine, this 25 cc brushcutter is robust, lightweight and easy-to-use. The pint sized powerhouse of an engine delivers a heavyweight performance to tackle the undergrowth that mowers can’t get to.

The wider handle distance provides a more stable stance, whilst the handles themselves offer superior grip and control for the user.

The bike handles are easily able to be adjusted to ensure that you find the perfect balance that suits you. For longer periods of use and tough gardening tasks, the brushcutter comes with a high quality shoulder harness, making your experience more comfortable

A mechanical decompression system combined with an ultra lightweight flywheel gives the machine an easy start every time – the rope pull weight is only 7.2kg! A belt driven Over-Head Valve and multi-chamber exhaust and a sophisticated air intake system results in a machine that is quiet to operate.

The engine is so efficient that the UMS 425 UE can operate at full power, without rest for over an hour before needing to be refuelled.

Engine: 4-stroke OHC
Engine displacement (cc): 25
Engine model: GX25T
Engine net power (kW/rpm): 0.72/ 7,000
Fuel tank capacity (litres): 0.58
Engine oil capacity (litres): 0.08
Transmission type: Low vibration centrifugal clutch
Shaft type: Straight
Handle: bike loop
Optional attachment: 4 tooth blade and saw blade
Grass cutter attachments 1 : tap and go nylon head
Grass cutter attachments 2 : 3 tooth blade
Harness: Double shoulder comfort
Noise value- sound power level dB(A): 109
Dimensions (L X W X H (mm)): 1,859 x 671 x 517
Dry weight (kg): 6.28
Additional feature: Heavy duty transmission head

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The C8 tiller can tackle the toughest of digging jobs.

The Camon C8 Tiller is a tough machine that has gear-driven wheels and rear mounted digging blades, which give a finer finish with less effort.

Easy to start and simple to use, the Camon C8 Tiller offers excellent performance and value for money. Powered by a powerful and very reliable Honda GX240 OHV engine for years of service and fitted with rear mounted digging box with an 20 inch working width and working depth of 9 inch.

The C8 is fitted with a single speed gearbox with a reverse gear. The handlebar height can be adjusted for operator safety and comfort, and is fitted with a deadmans handle for safety.


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Post Hole Borer

A 36.3 cc one-man earth auger from STIHL.

Benefiting from STIHL’s QuickStop drill brake, the BT 131 is a great machine to work with.

Powerful yet efficient performance

This machine uses a 1.4 kW 4-MIX engine, combining the advantages of a two-stroke and a four-stroke engine, running on a fuel-oil mix. It is an economical, smooth, responsive and powerful unit, which produces less emissions and doesn’t need oil servicing. It also has a long-life air filter system, which, together with the compensator integrated into the carburettor, offers long cleaning intervals and reliable protection of the engine.

Comfortable operation for tough tasks

Crucially important for a heavy duty machine such as this is the vibration-dampening frame, which uses four vibration elements to give comfortable working and minimise fatigue while operating. The engine is separated from the handle frame, giving easier operation over longer periods. Also provided is large hip padding, which makes the auger safe and easy to work with.

Easy to use for stress-free working

This model includes STIHL’s QuickStop drill brake system, which involves a release lever that stops the drill as soon as it becomes stuck in the ground. As well as preventing damage, this also serves as a reverse rotation lock, allowing you to easily unscrew a stuck bit. The BT 131 is operated using a multi-function handle that contains all operating elements for the engine control so that the drill can be operated by finger pressure, with your hand always remaining in the operating position.

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An easy-to-use cut & collect mower with simple mulching switch.

Part of Honda’s IZY range, the HRG 466 SKEP is a high-quality self-propelled mower with a 18 inch / 46 cm cutting width.

Wonderful to work with

The HRG 466 SKEP benefits from a range of features that make it a pleasure to mow with. Firstly, it is a self-propelled machine, which means you don’t need to strain pushing it around the garden. This model’s 4.4hp Honda GCV160 4-stroke engine powers the cutting deck and drives the wheels, allowing you to effortlessly achieve a fantastic finish. The Auto Choke System ensures the choke valve is used correctly and at the right times, taking pressure off the operator while enabling smooth starting even in cold weather.

This model is great to control and manoeuvre too. It has double ball-bearings and extra-wide wheels, which provide excellent traction and comfortable control.

Top-quality cutting performance

With its 18 inch / 46 cm cutting width, the Honda HRG 466 SKEP is perfect for cutting medium-sized lawns. The collector, if you choose to use it in that mode, is a generous 55 litres that means less trips to empty it. When you do come to remove the clippings, a shield ensures your legs are protected. You can choose from a range of six cutting heights using a simple lever, from 20 to 74 mm.

This model also enjoys mulching capabilities, which is remarkably simple to activate. A simple switch turns on the mulching mode, and this allows you to achieve an excellent finish without having to rake clippings or empty a collector. The mulched grass also acts as a natural fertiliser for a wonderfully healthy lawn.

Premium design from Honda

The IZY range is well-know for its high-quality, and the HRG 466 SKEP is no different. The cutter deck is made of robust steel, while intelligent design maximises airflow for superb collection and easy cleaning. The machine’s handle can be folded for easy storage.

Cutter deck size (cm): 46
Cutter deck material: steel
Engine: OHV 4stroke
Engine displacement (cc): 160
Engine model: GCV 160
Engine rated power (KW/rpm): 2.7/2800
Fuel tank capacity: 0.91 litres
Tranmission: single speed
Driving speed (m/s): 0.89
Mulching (versamow – selective / variable): selective
Positions & cutting height adjustment (mm): 6 (20-74)
Height adjustment points: 2
Grass bag capacity (l): 55
Guaranteed sound level dB(A): 95
Dry weight (kg): 32.0
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1470 x 497 x 980

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Hedge Trimmer – Long Reach

Stihl HL 95 Petrol Engine Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

– Patented 4-MIX engine giving more power, increased torque and a more pleasant sound
– 135° adjustable working blade range with 13 lockable points including 270° storage and transportation point
– Suitable for reaching tall hedges without the need of ladders
– Total length Overall length 2.48 metres
– STIHL 4-MIX engine
– Loop handle
– Anti-vibration system
– Shoulder strap / carrying system
– Tool free filler cap
– Multi-function control handle
– Decompression system
– Manual fuel pump (Purger)

Displacement 28.4 cm³
Bar Length: 50cm
Power Output: 0.95kW / 1.3bhp
Overall Length: 248cm
Weight: 6.9Kg
Vibration Levels Left: 5.2m/s²
Vibration Levels Right: 5.0 m/s²
Sound Pressure Level: 102.0 dB(A)
Sound Power Level: 89.0 dB(A)

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Hedge Trimmer

The compact HS 45 is perfect for trimming jobs around the garden. With 2-MIX technology providing outstanding performance.

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