Fuel Box Red Diesel 20 Litres

£31.69 +VAT

-Red Diesel FuelBox is a U.N approved pre-filled 20 litres bag-in-box fuelling system.
-Suitable for all off-road engines including those fitted with DFP, EGR & SCR systems
-Each box comes with a flexi-pouring spout to prevent spillages and giving you zero risk of contamination
-Carry handles on both sides of the box and the bottom for easy pouring
-Tough screw on lid
-The box is recyclable
-Heavy duty, heat sealed plastic bag inside
-Each FuelBox contains a special formulated additive system called 10+ diesel additive. Contributing to improved cetane rating & boots power, reducing deposit and varnish build up and improves -combustion efficiency and fuel consumption.
-Perfect solution for small quantities of Gas Oil/Red Diesel
-Reduces downtime on site

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